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Luxury Bathroom


Utilize wood, metal, stone, tile, and other materials. They Install cabinets and shelves, hang drywall, install molding and trim, and ensure accurate measurements and cuts. Tradesmen may also perform repair work, and install hardware and temporary structures like scaffolds, etc.


No experience needed

Able to read a tape measure

Willingness to work hard & learn new skills

Basic information: Reliable transportation to the Lakeshore Home Gallery Office and work sites. 

Why you should be a Tradesman at Lakeshore Home Gallery: The work environment encourages you to exercise your problem-solving skills and allows you to work on a great variety of home renovation projects. 

You will have the chance to demo, build, and install various portions of the projects and play a special role in bringing the entire project to life. There is nothing like being part of the process from start to finish and seeing your craftsmanship transform homes where families will live and enjoy the space you've helped create for them.

​Skills: Sharp eye, attention to detail, ability to read a tape measure, good listening skills​​

Join the team if you are a skilled helper looking to learn multiple trades and take your career to the next level. If you have the willingness to learn and do the work to become a Tradesman,​ we are ready to give you a well-rounded building experience and train you in many different skill sets to become a skilled Tradesman for Lakeshore Home Gallery. 

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