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Lakeshore Home Gallery is a flourishing home renovation and construction company that is always expanding and looking for team members. There are a variety of positions at Lakeshore Home Gallery that could put you on the career path you've been looking for. 

Lakeshore Home Gallery is a company with the mission of bringing client ideas to life by designing customized spaces for homeowners that are at the forefront of design. Then, execute those designs with our skilled construction team. We have the vision to see the company expand and train individuals who enjoy the design, renovation, and construction process. Our company culture is built on integrity and excellence, we value hard work and willingness to learn. Here at Lakeshore Home Gallery the work environment is respectful, creative, innovative, and filled with opportunities to grow. 

If you are looking to start a career in design or construction Lakeshore Home Gallery can be your source of possibilities. You can come work in our wood shop, in the field with our experts, or join the design team. Lakeshore Home Gallery has a position for you and all positions have room for upward movement in the company. 

Interested in working for Lakeshore Home Gallery?

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