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About Us

Lakeshore Home Gallery specializes in custom woodwork, renovation, and design on multiple scales. Our local wood shop sets us apart, we specialize in custom cabinetry. We offer endless possibilities for cabinet add-ons that will make your living spaces more functional while maintaining a beautiful design. We have served a wide range of clients in the Lake Travis and Austin areas. We are dedicated to making your dream home a reality.

Our Process

On-Site Consultations

Start the process by filling out our online project form. Once completed, we will reach out to you to schedule a free in-home consultation. This will give us a chance to see the space, hear your ideas, and answer any questions you may have.

Preconstruction Design & Estimate

After the consultation, we will collect the plans and dimensions needed. From there, our design team will start working on customizing your space and bringing your vision to life. When the designs are finalized and approved an estimate will be given and construction can begin. 

Kitchen with Island

Custom Cabinetry & Construction

Much of the construction process is completed in our wood shop, where we build custom cabinetry that's perfectly fitted to your lifestyle and needs.  During this phase, on-site construction is completed and your custom cabinets and appliances are installed.

The Finishing Touches 

Once the project has been completed a final walk-through is conducted to ensure that you are satisfied with the result. Here, at Lakeshore Home Gallery we have built a reputation for providing quality cabinetry, woodwork, new construction, and remodels. 

Our Quality Guarantee

Warranty Terms:


Materials and Craftsmanship

LHG warranties our furniture and cabinetry to the original purchaser for 5 years on materials and craftsmanship. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any necessary cabinets or parts if we determine there to be a defect in material or craftsmanship. Purchaser must properly care for furniture and cabinetry to maintain this warranty: regularly clean with a damp cloth, and keep wood free of moisture, chemicals, and detergents. All wood will shrink and swell with seasonal changes in humidity, so it is vital that cabinetry be kept in a climate-controlled environment; we always recommend between 40- 50% humidity.


The wood varies in density and grain; finish variations due to these factors are not considered defects. Even within the same species, there can be slight differences in the way the surface takes a finish, especially when compared to end grain or veneer. Natural and man-made lighting can also affect the appearance of the finish, causing variations.


**Painted products are made up of many pigmented solids and can damage much easier than stained products. Please handle the painted product with more care, heavy or rough items may cause deep scratches or chips in paint which will allow moisture underneath the finish and cause further and more visible damage to furniture or cabinet. Please keep in mind that LHG will always stand behind our product and although we have a 5-year materials and craftsmanship warranty, the warranty on our pigmented lacquer-based paints are warranted for 1 year, unlike stains. Paints do not have a long shelf life and are properly discarded after the allotted time. If a repair is needed after the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, LHG will purchase the needed pigmented paints and repair any damaged areas at the expense of the client. Additionally, painted finishes may fade over time so the new touch-up may be slightly different in color



On-site finishing by a contractor other than LHG

LHG would highly recommend allowing us to complete this project by delivering a high-end custom finish product. We have one of the best finish products on the market today and have been set apart for our ability to deliver a high-end, very durable custom finish from dye stains, toners, wiping stains, paints, and custom glazing options along with old-world finishes, distressing, and antiquing.


Another factor:

On-site finishing with paint or stain can release noxious chemicals into the home. Other problems that may occur as a result of on-site finishing are overspray on the smooth closing drawer glides and soft close hinges which can create a problem when putting all the doors and drawers back in their original places. We understand that it may be less expensive to have the contractor or house painter finish the interior cabinetry but the end result is vastly different. All our finishes are done in our custom spray booth- environmentally safe, climate controlled, and dust free.


 If the contractor/homeowner decides to contract another subcontractor to perform the task of finishing the cabinetry that LHG builds, delivers, and installs, it is their sole responsibility to make sure the painter re-installs all doors and drawers properly to the clients and or builder's satisfaction before LHG will install any hardware (knobs and or pulls) on the doors and drawers. Any hinges and or drawer glides that would require replacement will be the responsibility of the contractor and or homeowner to request a change order for the new glides as well as for the installation of the glides, hinges, or any other specialty hardware.



We cannot guarantee our built-in cabinetry when installed by an independent installer or if the cabinets have been re-installed at a new location. We require the purchaser to inspect the furniture and/or cabinetry at the time of delivery and installation. We cannot be held responsible for damages that may occur after we have delivered and/or installed the cabinetry.


Due to the custom nature of our business, we cannot offer refunds on deposits or payments once production has begun. We will, however, do all that is in our power to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, to the extent that we will replace or rebuild to earn your positive recommendation.

Change orders

LHG wants you to be completely satisfied with your project. All changes will require a signed change order by both the builder and homeowner for approval before any work is to be done. Any changes made prior to the ordering of materials, and prior to the beginning of production will be at no charge other than any normative charges or credits that may arise from the scope of the change. However, after production begins, any design changes will incur a $250.00 fee in addition to any material, labor charges, or credits. The production schedule will also be affected.


It is the responsibility of the homeowner or builder to obtain hardware from an independent source, or one of our LHG kitchen designers. Not included in this contract. LHG will install hardware for $2.00 per hole. Providing the hardware is onsite, including instructions for placement at the time of cabinetry installation. If the hardware is not onsite at the time LHG has completed installing cabinetry, we will not be held responsible for the installation of the hardware. An additional $100.00 fee + the amount of drilling the holes will be applied to its own invoice and approved by the homeowner or builder. (Note! for every knob is one hole $3.00. and for every pull is two holes $6.00 each)

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