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Modern Kitchen


A creative thinker that plans and creates custom cabinets. Designers are involved in the pre-construction and interior design meetings with clients. Join the team to help us bring the client's vision to life. 

Job Details

No experience needed

Willingness to learn

Desiring a career as a Designer

Passion for art, textiles, design, etc.

Basic information: Reliable transportation to the Lakeshore Home Gallery Office and design sites; flexible work schedules are required to meet with clients

Why you should be a Designer at Lakeshore Home Gallery: The work environment encourages you to exercise your analytical and creative brain. 

You will have the chance to make meaningful connections with homeowners and play a unique role in bringing their vision to life. There is nothing like seeing your design executed and installed by our team members. 

​Skills: Sharp and creative eye, attention to detail, ability to use basic computer software, knowledge of buildings and industry trends, good listening and communication skills​​

Join the team if you are a Creative thinker willing to learn and do the work to become a designer.​ We are ready to train and equip you to start a career as a Designer for Lakeshore Home Gallery. 

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