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Bess Estrada

Junior Designer

ElizaBess A.K.A. Bess plans on becoming a full-time designer upon her graduation this year. Go Class of 2023! She is a daughter, sister, and friend who is compassionate and authentic. She was born in the small town of Valparaiso, Indiana but has lived in Texas nearly all of her life. Growing up Bess had faced the struggle of not being able to figure out exactly who she was and who and what she wanted to become. However, Bess found victory when she discovered her passion for using her imagination to produce creative and unique works of art such as writing, photography, design, etc.

Bess, is the loving owner of two cats, Bean and Giddy, as well as a dog, Daisy, who is her absolute best friend. She enjoys finding a cozy corner in a coffee shop and spending time reading and designing for Lakeshore Home Gallery. Her father, Rob Estrada was the person who suggested and encouraged her years ago that she should design for his company when she got older. Finally that time has come, she has made her way here and shows a great excitement to expand her areas of expertise and utilize a variety of skills to make clients happy.

She specializes in creative thinking, design, and production. Bess enjoys using her expansive and unlimited imagination to conceptualize and design beautiful products and ideas for clients. Her passion for creativity is vast and she wants a career in which she can focus and utilize her creative skillset to design detailed living spaces that produce aesthetically pleasing results and satisfied clients.

Bess Estrada
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