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Garret Womack

General Manager of Operations

Garret Womack grew up around the Estrada family. He is a long-time friend and team member. He was coached in football by Rob Estrada during his youth, then went off to college. In between semesters at Southwest University, he started working in the wood shop and out in the field, learning new trades every day since he started. What started as a summer job quickly became a passion, and he enjoys that every day is something new at Lakeshore Home Gallery. He decided to come back after college and work together with Rob to build and develop Lakeshore Home Gallery. Garrett has worked hard at learning and executing; he has soaked up all the information and skills he needed to become the skilled tradesman and GMO that he is today.

His specialty is task and client management. He is a strategic planner and is responsible for scheduling ongoing and future projects. His primary responsibilities include coordinating all phases of construction and projects, collaborating with subcontractors and clients, and maintaining the high quality of work that LHG provides. His experience is far-reaching, which has equipped him to manage project sites and see that projects flow smoothly from start to finish. He plays a role in many aspects of the building process including but not limited to design meetings, developing timelines, coordinating walk-throughs, project preparation, and deliveries.

He is a jack of all trades and a master of many; he is a pro at cabinet installations starting with the demolition, lighting and electrical, plumbing, trim work, and caulking and painting. Garrett is dedicated to his work and the Lakeshore Team. He always provides quality work and his attention to detail is unmatched.

Garrett was born in Louisiana but grew up in Austin. He played rugby and football in high school and football in college. He spends most of his time working hard for Lakeshore Home Gallery, but when he isn't working he is playing golf or watching sports with friends.

Garret Womack
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