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Dena Chamberlain


Dena has six years of previous interior design experience while living in Chicago. She has always had a passion and eye for doing design, after seeing a completed renovation done by Lakeshore Home Gallery she reached out to see if there was an opportunity to join this very talented team, and here she is today using her creative skills to transform spaces and contributing to the amazing work that we do at Lakeshore Home Gallery.

Her goal is to give you a design for your home that is warm, livable, and will stand the test of time. Dena's favorite way to bring warmth to a space is by mixing fabrics, textures, hardware, and lighting. Her designs are focused on comfort and functionality; she loves to create living spaces that are customized to each client's needs. Dena works closely with clients; she is a master at communicating and connecting with clients so that the client's vision can be fully captured through her design. She thoroughly enjoys designing and working with our team and we are so thankful to have her as part of our growing Design Team.

However, when Dena is not designing for clients you can always find her decorating her own home or spending time with her husband and two kids, making memories.

Dena Chamberlain
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