Rob Estrada at Lakeshore Home Gallery is the guy to call for your Kitchen remodel needs. Everything from the design to clean-up Rob handled everything.
We interviewed several contractors but Rob’s friendly nature & gorgeous design won the job. He is ethical, honest and does everything he says he will. He truly turned our Kitchen dream into a reality.
It’s not often you come across a company that has the conviction Rob Estrada does to get every detail right. Thank again Rob for a job well done!!
— K.C. 12/20/2018
Rob and his team did an incredible job on my cabinets. It really makes the house pop! Thanks also for all of your extra work to make sure it was perfect !
— Shane M. 12/21/2018
Rob Estrada and his team at Lakeshore made some beautiful wood counter tops for our kitchen island and wine bar area. They also made a beautiful fireplace mantle. They did impeccable work and were quite punctual and very committed to customer service. We had a great experience from beginning to end. Rob’s co worker, Joseph, was also extremely polite and courteous during installation and had a great eye for detail. I would definitely recommend! As a matter of fact, we plan on having them help build some desks for us in the near future!
— Valerie M
I had a vision before I began our kitchen remodel. They delivered in spades!!! Beautiful work. LOVE LOVE LOVE my cabinets!I give Rob and his team 5/5 stars. They have done an awesome job on our house remodel. I love every bit of how it turned out especially Rob and Shelly’s attention to detail!!Shelly is the 1 st designer to “get” me. She gave me exactly what I was looking for. We were on the same page through out the project. There was no confusion or mess ups.Awesome customer service!The icing on the cake is that they both are really really nice ppl!!!! Kudos!
— Sudah P
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my cabinets and self closing drawers throughout my entire house! Rob and his team delivered the look and feel that I desired and it turned out to be an amazing house. Rob helped me design the perfect work/flow kitchen that is a chef’s kitchen dream. We have a baking area that even has a POP UP Kitchen Aid mixer as appliances staying out is a design mishap and one of my pet peeves. We have 2 separate garbage can drawers, each with double cans for easy recycling and this is perfect for our family of 5. The enormous wooden island is incredible and everyone comments on it when they see it! It really warms up the room with the contrast of the white satuaryetto marble, white cabinets with antiquing glaze in the trim. My kids love the pull out cabinets that we keep stocked with snacks and it keeps my pantry clear of the clutter of snacks. I had to cover my double fridge and the amazing doors that Rob designed look amazing. The custom designed cabinet in the powder room is the exact piece I wanted for the custom feel of a French farmhouse. The master bath is amazing with tons of drawer pull outs and even a space that pulls out and my dryer and curling iron stay plugged in and out of sight until I am ready to use them. Look at the pictures attached and I think you would agree that Rob and his team over delivered! 
— Chelle W
What a fabulous experience I had here! 4 award winning experts all in one place that worked together and made my home project a breeze! I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend them!
— Lacey M.
Rob does a terrific job at designing kitchens! He included so many features that we did not even know we needed - such as the garbage pull-out between stove and sink — it is tremendously efficient & helpful. The divisions in drawers to accommodate various pots, pans & utensils was not necessary I thought - wrong! It works great! Love the pan stand-up pull-out drawer. I would never have thought of that or the lighting he suggested. We really put him to work as we completely rethought our design at least 3 times. Rob was patient, even enthusiastic about designing (using 3D technology that really shows you the layout) each of our revamps of kitchen. When we were finally ready, he gave us the truly wonderful gift of Lana to help us choose flooring, backsplash, hardware & cabinet color. Her advice was so helpful. Also a shout out to Frog Pad staff who really know their appliances and helped us figure that part out. A great experience & beautiful final product. We love our new kitchen!
— Debra S. 2/7/19